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by Matthew King Kaufman on February 23, 2012

Welcome, to my narrative about greatest format change in music in my lifetime.  Every aspect of music has become digital from it’s creation to it’s consumption. This period in music has been responsible for more innovation in music in the last ten years than in the prior 50 years. There are so many people making music, it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the new music being made.  This blog is an attempt to explain the collections of music I’ve helped create and curate. I’m driven by music and have made a career of producing music here in Berkeley, Ca.


Here’s an “Out of the Box” theory that just might work.

Backstory: Musicians and music itself have been the fodder for “The Music Business,” throughout our lifetimes. Musicians didn’t have enough traction in the business equation to change things, till now.  It seems the only way the music industry changes is by following the public’s behavior. Examples: The British Invasion, Woodstock, Punk, Grunge, and Hip Hop were all tiny movements till the music industry stepped in and incorporated the artists and sold them to the public. The latest movement, ”Free Music,” has stumped the traditional business because there’s no new music to market to the public. So the current music business, with nothing profitable to market, is focused on selling their old music in as many new ways as the technology industry wants to pay for. As has been proven recently, this benefits established brands in music, but doesn’t seem to help anything new.


1. “Finding a needle in a haystack” approach to discovering new music is outdated and with the number of labels getting smaller, so is the number of needle hunters.

2. The number of people creating music has increased dramatically.

3. There is no new music thinking from traditional media outlets.

4. The only people who are going to change music is the musicians.

Solution: Musicians need to put their $ where there mouth is, and they should buy new music directly from each other. If every musician bought one CD directly from another new artist, and then spread the word about this purchase to everyone they knew, musicians might level the playing field. That’s right I’m proposing a chain letter approach so musicians could promote music effectively.

A typical chain letter consists of a message that attempts to convince the recipient to make a number of copies of the letter and then pass them on to as many recipients as possible.

The “Music Chain Letter” should contain a link to the CD that the musician has just purchased directly.

The musician should explain why the purchase was important.

The letter should include a link to the artist’s web page.

The letter should include a link to a digital download opportunity. For most artists that’s direct $ to them as well.

No curse, but if you want to change the music scene, please email this letter on to any musician you know.


The Music Flash Card is a fun way to discover music on any one of  FunFunFunMedia’s free music sites. Use these Flash Cards to download music legally.

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All these sites use the Music Flash Card:












Music Collections You Won’t Find Elsewhere

by Matthew King Kaufman on June 9, 2012

Do you believe gr8 music is made but not heard? As a music fan, who’s also been in the music industry for over 30 years, I’ve seen this happen a lot. With all the music that’s being made currently. In today’s music scene, gr8 songs fall thru the cracks every day.  The web-ring I’ve created tries to identify these worthy but ignored music compositions.

My web-ring includes

Songs from our past:

These songs are the basis of modern music.  Many are original 78s that are ripped to mp3 and free for download.

Find them @: www.publicdomain4u.com
Public Domain 4U

Songs from the present:

These songs are being made by new artists and have gone unnoticed but are gr8. With the amount of music being made, it’s so much easier to go unnoticed these days. Most of the songs in this collection are recent, being made between 2007-2012.

Find them @: www.funfunfunmedia.com
Fun Fun Fun Media

Mp3 bloggers who specialize in finding overlooked musical gems.

These bloggers are all music lovers.

Find them @: www.mp34u.fm

Podcasts,  I have published an entertaining and educational series of podcasts of Joel Selvin’s heralded radio series featuring unknown music from well known sources.

They can be found @: www.opensourcemusic.com


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